How to repair an electric roller shutter

Trendy, practical and efficient, an electric roller shutter offers different advantages to its user. Due to wear or weather, your equipment may be blocked or out of order. Don’t panic, no need to call in a professional or buy a new one, all you have to do is bring the right equipment and follow the right ones. Doing the repair yourself offers you the opportunity to save money on your project. In this article, we suggest you find the steps to follow to facilitate the unlocking of your electric roller shutter.

roller shutter remote control

Identify the causes of the failure

An electric roller shutter can suffer several breakdowns. Sometimes it can be a power problem or the electrical controls don’t respond anymore. Blockage can also be caused by the deck or damaged or broken blades. Once the problem has been identified, all you have to do is find the right solution.

Repair of an electric roller shutter

With this damper model, the problem is always electric. In this case, we recommend that you take a look at the fuses on your engine. It is important to check whether they are triggered or not. If you think the problem is with your roller shutter remote control, it is suggested that you change the batteries in your transmitter. If this does not work, you are advised to reset your equipment’s electric motor.

However, if you wish to replace your motor or capacitor, we offer to dismantle your equipment in order to remove the motor. With the necessary tools, access the capacitor and replace it with the new one. Once this is done, simply mount it and replace the roll tube in the housing. Before replacing the door leaf, we advise you to stop the motor in the low position.

Like manual roller shutters, electric models can be blocked due to a broken fastener or damaged slats. In this case, you can open the housing if it is accessible. Do not hesitate to replace small broken parts if necessary. Without forgetting the return of the blades in the axis in order to align the whole apron.

Seek professional advice

Repairing an electric roller shutter is far from child’s play. If you do not have the proper materials or skills, it is recommended that you seek the services of a professional. This also prevents you from creating further damage to your equipment. In order to enjoy the advantages of your electric roller shutter, we also recommend that you take care of it with some maintenance from time to time.

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