High comfort electric lift chair

remote controlled electric motors

What is an electric lift chair?

An electric lift chair is a chair that allows the user to get up alone, effortlessly and safely. It facilitates the passage into a sitting position: when the chair is in a high position, it supports the weight of the person sitting down by accompanying him to the sitting position. These chairs are very comfortable and offer multiple functions: depending on the number of motors or the model, the chair goes into a lift position to help you get up, you can lie down and/or lift your feet.

Each lift chair has an ergonomic remote control (very often wired) to make adjustments simply and smoothly. This allows the user to easily adjust the inclination of the backrest, legrest or footrest.

The electric lift chair is placed in your living room or bedroom and allows you to combine the useful with the pleasant. Long perceived as an “old-fashioned” product, lift chairs today give pride of place to design thanks to their studied lines and contemporary upholstery. Classic armchairs and sofas are often not well adapted because of their low or soft seat. The electric lift chair thus prevents apprehension and the risk of loss of balance when the seat is raised.

For whom are these lifting chairs recommended?

Designed primarily for the elderly, these electric lift chairs can also relieve a large number of sick or disabled people. Some models favor comfort and well-being with their heating and massaging function, thus meeting the needs of a greater number of people, especially those suffering from severe back pain.

Choice of the armchair

A lifting chair equipped with a double motorization allowing to get up and relax in complete safety. The use of the 2 remote controlled electric motors, silent and of a high precision, confers to this chair all the desirable positions because the backrest tilts and rises independently of the legrest.

Rest, reading, nap, conversation, watching TV, having a sit-down meal… the remote control at your fingertips allows you to easily adjust the inclination of the back or seat and legrest, depending on the circumstances, so you can rest, raise your legs to improve blood circulation, sit down and stand up effortlessly and safely. In addition, you can store your books in a pocket on the right side.

Relax position

The relax position offers the user the possibility to partially tilt the backrest of his electric wheelchair as well as the footrest in semi-recumbent or chaise longue position.

Rest position

The rest position allows the user to lie fully in the chair, offering maximum comfort. In this case, the inclination of the footrest and backrest is almost horizontal at 180°.

Lifter position

The lift function, or raising aid, allows the user to get up and sit in the chair effortlessly. Thanks to an electric cylinder placed under the chair, the chair rises gradually and tilts slightly forward to facilitate the lifting of the person. The electric chair allows the user to sit or stand up easily and to relieve the lower back muscles, kidneys, legs, thighs and abdominal belt.

This chair, supporting a maximum weight of 120kg, gently lifts and lies down; the fully removable seat cover extends over the legrest for better support and can be protected by a seat sheet sold separately. The backrest is composed of three modular cushions for more comfort.

The stability of the chair remains perfect at all times thanks to the width of the base of the chair and provides you with superior safety and reliability thanks to the low voltage system.

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