Breakdowns in the dryer

Your clothes dryer is one of the essential appliances for the comfort of your home. Bringing warmth and speed, its operation brings you happiness and joy, until the moment your device breaks down. What are the distinctions between the different models, and the most frequent breakdowns for your dryer?

remote solenoid kit

The different models

There are two models, which work in the same way but differ with regard to the drainage of the water used. One of the models, the condensation clothes dryer will condense the water and collect it in a tank that will have to be emptied regularly.

The drainage model will instead drain the water via a pipe to the waste water duct.

Frequent breakdowns in your dryer

Several causes can interfere with the operation of your device, including mechanical causes. One failure of one of your mechanisms is enough for your device to fail. What are the most frequent breakdowns in your dryer?

Power failure

If the lights on your clothes dryer are not on, it is possible that the failure only concerns the power supply. Check the connection of your appliance, and the circuit breaker of your electrical panel. If the connection and the circuit breaker are working properly, you may have a false contact or a problem on the circuit board.

Mechanical part failure

Several mechanisms can interfere with the operation of your clothes dryer, or even prevent it from starting the drying program. The slightest grain of sand in the wheels of your device can hinder its operation (literally or figuratively).

The dryer door does not close

If your appliance door does not open or close, the problem may simply be one of the closing elements. The safety latch, contact pin, or locking hook on your appliance may be displaced or damaged, preventing operation of the dryer. If one of these mechanisms is displaced, your dryer door will no longer close and you will no longer be able to start your appliance.

Your unit starts, but the valve does not work

It is possible that it is simply the weight of the laundry in your appliance that prevents the drum from rotating. In this case, it will be enough for you to lighten your dryer. It is also possible that the remote solenoid kit may be broken and will need to be replaced.

Your dryer no longer heats, or less

You may have a problem with the resistance of your device. The resistor is the part that produces heat, which is then ventilated in the unit. In case of damaged or defective resistance, your unit will not be able to produce heat. Simply replace this part and your dryer will start working normally again.

The water collecting tank is full

If you have a condensation clothes dryer, it is possible that your water collection tank is full, it should be emptied ideally after each use.

Clean the plush filters

It is necessary to clean the lint filters after each drying, to prevent dirt from accumulating and blocking the operation of your clothes dryer.

Condenser is defective or damaged

This mechanism is only present on condensing models, and is used to cool the water vapor in order to store it in the tank provided for this purpose. It is necessary to clean this mechanism regularly to allow it to fulfill its purpose, and the tank.

Blocked duct or pipe

It is possible that the air duct of the dryer is clogged with lint or pieces of fabric. remove the exhaust pipe from the wall and use a vacuum cleaner to remove fabric and lint from the duct.

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