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The statistics on burglaries in France are chilling… According to them, there are about 400 000 burglaries per year or an average of 45 per hour! In 80% of the cases, the burglary takes place in broad daylight when the house is unoccupied. But how can we protect ourselves? Is the alarm really effective?

long range rf remote control

Is an alarm really effective?

The alarm has never prevented a burglar from entering a house… But it is a deterrent. Indeed, in most cases, if an outside siren sounds in an entire neighborhood, then the person with bad intentions will prefer to leave the premises quickly rather than get their hand caught in the bag!

However, in terms of efficiency, there are intrusion alarms on the market that are more or less reliable. To be sure to make the right choice, it is preferable to choose an alarm system that meets the NFA2p standard. This standard governs equipment intended for the protection of buildings. This is a guarantee of quality because the product must meet very strict requirements. An alarm approved NFA2p is also recommended by home insurance.

Which alarm to choose?

The first choice will be the basis, do you need a wired system or prefer a wireless system? One cannot necessarily give advantages or disadvantages in terms of effectiveness to one or the other model… On the other hand, the differences are elsewhere:

-The wired alarm will be cheaper than a wireless one. That’s a good point! However, it is more complicated to install. Indeed all is connected by wires, it is thus more appropriate for a new house or a total renovation. Its installation cost can sometimes exceed the surplus in terms of purchasing a wireless alarm.

-The scalability of a wireless network is also to be preferred. You want to add a detector? Nothing could be easier! Just register it and set it up.

-The interview is also to be taken into account. On a wired network no maintenance! On a radio alarm, the batteries should be changed as soon as necessary. If you prefer a radio model, be aware that some manufacturers sell products with an autonomy of 10 years!

What features will you give your alarm?

An alarm kit generally consists of a central unit, a few volumetric detectors (2 or 3), an internal siren, a keypad and one or two long range rf remote control.

It is interesting to be able to expand this composition according to your needs…

If you live in a detached house, it may be worth installing an outdoor siren. It will make more noise than the siren inside and can alert the neighborhood of a problem in your home.

Would you like to be alerted of an intrusion if you are not at home? Your protection system must be able to communicate either via GSM (mobile network), the France Telecom standard network or via a smartphone application for example.

And many other features may interest you… When the alarm sounds, you can quickly check if it is a false alarm or if you need to act quickly. The other advantage is that you can view your home remotely at any time.

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